Earn Over $ 100,000 in 60 Seconds

An American artist was paid $ 2 million to perform five songs during a private concert, held on New Year’s Eve 2010, the island of St. Barts. She therefore received 113 080 dollars for every minute that she spent on stage.

Earn Over $ 100,000 in 60 Seconds (3)

Beyonce ranks first among the highest fees received by an artist per minute, according to a ranking.

In second place ranked the American singer Mariah Carey, who received $ 1 million – $ 70,675 per minute – for four pieces played during a similar party, which was organized on the same island in the Caribbean in 2009.

Australian singer Kylie Minogue ranks third, with 52,530 dollars per minute. She received an honorarium of $ 3.1 million for a one-hour concert that she sustained during the opening party of the Atlantis hotel in Dubai in November 2008.

In fourth place came Jennifer Lopez, who received 39,800 dollars a minute, the Russian billionaire Andrei Meinichenko to sing at the party the occasion of the birthday of his wife in 2007.

British band The Rolling Stones ranked in the top fifth, with 38,588 dollars per minute. British musicians have received $ 3.5 million for an hour and half concert that supported him in 2002, the party that marked the 60th anniversary of Texan billionaire David Bonderman.

Runners were ranked American rapper Eminem ($ 26,528 per minute), Usher and Christina Aguilera ($ 16,619 per minute), Rihanna ($ 13,264 per minute) and British singer Cheryl Cole ($ 6,633 per minute).




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