Duchess of Windsor Jewels Will Be Sold by ‘Bonhams’ Hong Kong

Artisans from Van Cleef & Arpels were appointed by the Prince of Wales to create clip and bracelet of sapphires and diamonds for Wallis Simpson that she had worn as accessories wedding dress, satin blue Mainbocher. Duchess of Windsor Jewels created by Van Cleef & Arpels will be sold by auction Auction House “Bonhams’ November 23, at the session called” Eight exceptional jewelry from private collections.”

Duchess of Windsor Jewels Will Be Sold by 'Bonhams' Hong Kong (3)

A magnificent wide bracelet of rubies and diamonds have an estimated retail price set between 454,000 and 544,000 dollars.Is dated from 1936, this bracelet, which were fitted high quality rubies of 107 carats, once belonged to the private collection of a charming philanthropist and leader of the French Riviera sophisticated society in the interwar period, Ms. Hélène Beaumont.

An interesting combination of necklace, necklace and bracelet of emeralds and diamonds estimated at 1,024,000 and $ 1,536,000, is decorated with 22 emeralds, 47 carats and 412 diamonds mounted accurate weighing over 70 carats.Necklace reappeared at Bonhams and its price is estimated at $ 1,056,215.

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