Duchess Catherine Refused to Appear in Fashion Magazines

The reason why Duchess Catherine refused to appear in fashion magazines for women.It is rumored that Anna Wintour would try to get a photo shoot with the young Duchess of Cambridge for the cover of Vogue magazine.Even if the appearance of Kate would become even more popular among the English, the Queen does not agree with that. Queen Elizabeth said unexposed to the idea that her daughter in law appear in a fashion magazine, so eventually Kate had to turn Anna Wintour offer.

Duchess Catherine Refused to Appear in Fashion Magazines (1)

“Kate does not believe however that the Queen would scold the girl if she picture for Vogue. But surely there would be no idea excited and Her Majesty is a genius with a simple to disapprove any private or lips tightening, “said a Palace source.

“But William and Kate they would find something wrong with the fashion icon appear in magazines. Both take their royal duties very seriously would not want to trivialize them by such a gesture, “the source added.

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