Dubai’s Exquisite Meydan Hotel

The Meydan Hotel is a spectacular 5-star hotel that can be found in Dubai, just 15 minutes away from the International Airport. What makes this hotel special aside from its exquisite accommodation options and state-of-the-art facilities is the fact that it represents the world’s first 5-star trackside hotel.

Meydan Hotel (16)

Thanks to its imposing size, the Meydan comprises 227 rooms, most of them ensuring fantastic views of the racetrack. Actually, the building is so massive that it runs more than half a mile alongside the track.  During their stay, guests are able to choose from a generous list of available activities, some suited for the more active types, while others ensure a more relaxing experience. The infinity pool found on the rooftop, for example, is a fantastic place to unwind and admire the views, while the central spa stands ready to provide refreshing and reinvigorating treatments. Moreover, the Prime restaurant, the Farriers’ brunch buffet or the Shiba Bar offer the most delicious meals and drinks.

With nightly rates starting at $191, the Meydan Hotel is definitely one of the most appreciated holiday destinations in the world.

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