Dubai Presents Concourse A Facility for Airbus A380

Known everywhere as a sanctuary of wealth and luxury, Dubai will probably never stop amazing the world. For instance, the city added the world’s first facility built exclusively for the Airbus A380 to its portfolio. Called Concourse A, the facility sits on 528,000 square meters of space and boasts 20 gates, a 1st class lounge, a business class one and 11 floors. Also part of the facility are two hotels, one rated 5 stars and the other 4 stars, which flaunt a total of 202 rooms of which 37 are suites. Of course, dining areas, lounges, conference rooms, spa, conference rooms and duty free store couldn’t miss from the luxurious place.

Dubai Presents Concourse A Facility for Airbus A380 (21)

No less than 589,234 passengers passed through Concourse A only during its first month of existence. This translates into a total of 2,450 flights and 461,972 pieces of luggage handled. Passengers can travel from and to Asia, North America, Australia and Europe. This facility is a great achievement for the Emirates.

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