Dubai Has Become a Huge Shopping Center

Have you left with money after the holidays ? If you want to give cold in hot weather and dream spent days in-store promotions and you can make a trip to Dubai ,where it started the Shopping Festival. From the beginning, the Persian Gulf emirate has become a mecca for shopping lovers. Arabs were turned upside down to offer guests an unforgettable experience. Shopping Festival was inaugurated on January 5, with a fireworks show and a parade worthy of”A Thousand and One Nights.”

Dubai Has Become a Huge Shopping Center (4)

The festival, created in 1997, takes place in the huge Global Village, a shopping complex with an area of 16 square kilometers. It is so great that there are buses that carry 16,000 customers in parking places to the area where the shops. Customers were lured even in their countries, thanks to partnerships with tour operators festival management. People have received huge discounts on accommodation, to have more money to spend shopping. Companies from 45 countries exhibit their products in the 30 pavilions of Global Village. It sells everything from luxury clothes and accessories, to the latest gadgets. And retailers have their own strategies to attract customers.




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