Dreamy Xálima Island House By Martin Ferrero Architecture

Even though it’s not a reality just yet, the outstanding Xálima Island House still deserves a great amount of attention, especially since it is designed by a prestigious company such as Martin Ferrero Architecture. The residence was envisioned on an imaginary island and is perched on top of a rocky cliff that ensures perfect panoramas of the surrounding environment.

Dreamy Xálima Island House 25

Dreamy Xálima Island House 2

Dreamy Xálima Island House 3

Dreamy Xálima Island House 6

Described as “a poem to the horizon framed by the sea”, the spacious residence would be somewhat secluded, which means that it would ensure privacy and silence – 2 notions that are highly sought after these days. As far as we can tell from the renderings, the Xálima Island House would boast plenty of vegetation of its own, which means that it would blend seamlessly with its surrounding environment. High-end amenities and remarkable comforts would also be part of the deal, obviously, but one of the most important highlights of the home would probably come in the form of its large swimming pools, which seem to occupy a generous amount of space on the second floor.

You can admire the renderings of this fantastic project by browsing through the following images. You should also check out the very inspiring video that offers a much more elaborate view of the plans.

Dreamy Xálima Island House 12

Dreamy Xálima Island House 11

Dreamy Xálima Island House 20\ Dreamy Xálima Island House 24

Dreamy Xálima Island House 26

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