Domino’s Pizza Plans to Open a Restaurant on the Moon

Pizza Hut delivered pizza to astronauts in 2001. Now, rival company, Domino’s Pizza, said it wants to open a restaurant on the lunar surface. A construction company came up with a plan for the restaurant and it looks like it will be made ​​of concrete, with a dome-shaped.The company estimates that the entire project will cost about $ 22 billion, 7 billion will be needed to transport 70 tons per month of construction materials and equipment to do pizza, with 15 missiles.

Domino's Pizza Plans to Open a Restaurant on the Moon (4)

It is anticipated that under the dome-shaped restaurant will have two floors with a diameter of 26 meters aproximtiv, a basement and a plated steel pizza preparation area. To reduce the price, Domino’s will use mineral deposits on the Moon to make concrete. Employees will live in the annex building. Unfortunately, not yet known when it opened restaurant.

“We started to think about this project last year, but we have not yet decided when the restaurant opens,” said a spokesman for Domino’s Pizza. “In the future, we anticipate that many people will live on the moon.”


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