Dolphin Power Boat

Equipped with a 1500 cubic inches engine and having a pneumatic sealed cockpit ,the Innespace Seabreacher X boat  is equipped with six fins similar to a dolphin,reinventing personal waer transport. The vehicle is equipped with a periscope and digital sound system compatible with the iPod.Well,this incredible boat is available from Seabreacher for a mere $65,000.The engine on combustion of 260hp ,similar to those used by Jet Skis generate speeds of 80km/h on the water surface and 40km/h under for Seabreacher. Pneumatically sealed cockpit is equipped with two seats, GPS, iPod dock and speakers.In addtion LCD screens from board give in real time images captured by camereas mounted on the dorsal fin which acts as a periscope camera digital.

Dolphin Power Boat (4)

Those from Seabreacher have a Killer whale and the Innespace Dolphin.Each submarine cand be customised as the buyer wants including unique artwork and colors,but these changes can lead the price to almost $90,000.





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