Do You Want to Fly in Space?

Do you want to fly in space? It is possible with only 93,000 U.S. dollars.A strange alliance between a Formula 1 team owner and KLM, the Dutch airline, wants to develop a spacecraft in orbit that could significantly shorten the duration of a flight anywhere in the world at more than two hours.
Michiel Mol, a Dutchman who made ​​a fortune in software and holds the Force India F1 team, develops, together with KLM, the project SXC – Space Expedition Curacao – which has already sold tickets. First bought a British citizen, who paid 93,000 dollars for a flight into space with the new device. “The future is you can travel from London to Sydney in just one hour and 45 minutes. It is, in fact, the reason that KLM has entered into business,” says Mol.

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Peter Hartman, CEO of the airline said flight space program SXC can be affordable and sustainable, using new technologies.Mol Alliance – KLM is not only interested in space flight, Sir Richard Branson wants to become the first space tourism operator, Virgin Galactic vehicle should enter into operation in 2012 and seats are sold at $ 200,000.

SXC should enter into operation in 2014. The company has already sold 35 tickets at a price of 93,000 dollars each for destinations in the Caribbean.The vehicle used is Lynx, Californian company XCOR Aerospace product and will be presented next spring.The ship will make four flights per day and about 5,000 flights without being replaced engine.Passengers will be able to say, quietly, astronauts, because they fly at a height of 100 kilometers and will have to pass a series of medical tests, it is true that no more complicated than necessary for stewardesses.A first version of the space vehicle will fly over 3,500 kilometers per hour, but subsequent versions are expected to reach over 22,000 km / h.



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