DiCaprio Enjoying Life on Mega Yacht during the World Cup

There are many ways of watching the World Cup, but only a few compare to living in an uber-luxurious yacht for the whole championship and relaxing on plush decks in between matches. Who is doing that right now? None other than Leonardo DiCaprio and 21 of his best friends.

Leonardo DiCaprio Superyacht

For the very important sports event, the fabled actor decided to temporarily move into the world’s fifth largest yacht, which is actually owned by a sheikh. It is not known how much Sheikh Mansour bin Al Nahyan is asking for lending the vessel to his famous friend, but we’re sure that money is not a problem in those high circles. We also don’t know if they went on the beautiful Topaz together or if the yacht was taken only by DiCaprio and his crew.

The 482-foot Topaz was custom made for the deputy prime minister of the UAE and is worth £400 million ($680.5 million). It boasts two helicopter pads, amazing relaxing areas, a pool, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a fitness area, a cinema and other top-notch amenities.

DiCaprio Mega Yacht for World Cup

Leonardo DiCaprio Superyacht Helipad

Leonardo DiCaprio Superyacht Deck

Leonardo DiCaprio Superyacht Pool

Leonardo DiCaprio Superyacht Back View

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