The Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove for Ultimate Gaming

While people fear technology and its dizzying rate of advancement, gamers will always embrace everything new, especially when it considerably enhances their virtual explorations. The latest gadget that can turn a regular game into a mind-blowing experience is the new Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove.

The Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove for Ultimate Gaming

It’s crazy enough to just pop on the Oculus Rift and feel like you’ve been transported right there inside the game, but when you add touch to the recipe, things become incredibly more exciting! This device is going to blur the boundaries between reality and digital worlds even more, which represents great news for some, and a really scary, Matrix-inspired anxious anticipation for others.

The glove can translate your hand movement into the game, enhancing gesture control to a level that’s never been experienced before by the random gamer. What’s even more amazing is that the F2 version of the Dexmo also has a force feedback unit, which can lock up the exoskeleton whenever the game character touches or lifts things up. This gives the player a sense of touch that can actually make them completely forget that they are in their living room, and not in some dangerous jungle.

Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove 1 Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove Collection

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