Dewar’s “Live True” Campaign Is Definitely One to Follow

Out of the countless campaigns that are launched on the Internet every day, how do you choose the ones that are actually worthy of your attention? Our simple screening technique is based on one principle: if it speaks to us, we listen. And the “Live True” initiative of Dewar’s certainly does.

Dewar’s “Live True” Campaign Is Definitely One to Follow

Whenever we see authentic people being celebrated, we get excited. Because staying true to oneself is not always an easy task, and seeing people who actually manage to do it really inspires us. Check out the beautiful stories of NY hairstylist Mark Bustos and other influential people of the community interviewed by Dewar’s,and let us know what living true means to you.

While not everybody can give free professional haircuts to the homeless, like Mark Bustos does, we can all live beautifully and authentically. And if you think your friends are in need of some inspiration in this department, go ahead and share the message.

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