Dekke Slope Stand for Your iPad

How many times did we wish there was a perfect stand for our iPads so that we didn’t have to always hold it in countless uncomfortable positions? A stand that is not a case and which is at the same time elegant, easy to use and perfectly effective.

Dekke Slope Stand for Your iPad

Dekke has finally created that ideal accessory for all of us tablet addicts. The Dekke Slope is minimalist, sleek and effective. It features a special microscopic suction technology that ensures a firm grip and which allows you to swipe and touch the iPad without it moving an at all. The pad onto which the tablet is placed is made of Nanofoam, a material with countless microscopic air pockets. These act as a unique suction system by pushing all the air out when the tablet is pressed against the pad. It’s that simple. And we love it.

Dekke Slope Stand for Your iPad Back View Dekke Slope Stand for iPad Dekke Slope Stand for Your iPad Two Sizes

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