David Beckham Causes Minor Car Crash Outside His LA Home

As he was pulling out of his driveway at about 2.30 PM on November 25, football legend David Beckham apparently drove right into an oncoming car. The star was accompanied by his 14-year-old son Brooklyn, but fortunately, nobody was hurt during the incident.

David Beckham

After the crash, the star drove back into his own driveway and waited for the police to arrive on scene. Two law enforcement members did indeed pay him a visit shortly after and questioned him about the small fender bender, following up with a quick interview of the nearby witnesses. Even though it was nothing too serious, both cars involved in the crash suffered quite a bit of damage. As far as David’s Range Rover is concerned, we can clearly see his front bumper hanging off the front. The car was bought in 2010 and is currently worth somewhere between $60,595 and $76,195, which means that the repairs will probably be quite costly as well.

David and his son were also involved in a multiple car crash in 2011 in LA, while Victoria recently reported her bike stolen in New York.

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