Cuvee 5.150 Cognac by Camus

Camus is the fifth largest producer of cognac in the world and it is unique through the fact that it is an independent, family-owned label. Cuvee 5.150 Cognac was launched to honor 150 years of existence of the brand. The number 150 in the product’s name obviously signifies the age of the label whereas the number five represents the rare eaux-de-vie that were mixed to achieve this delightful spicy beverage. The product will be a limited edition of 1,492 decanters which will be sold for $13,500 each. Bottles that will contain the last sample taken by the cellar master right before the decanters were filled will accompany the first 150 units that will be sold. The Camus family cognac library is where these samples usually go. All the 1,492 examples will receive their own serial numbers.

Cuvee 5.150 Cognac by Camus

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