Cute Mini Trailer Houses for Dogs by Judson Beaumont

Even though your pet will obviously not care whether its sleeping spot is shaped as a basic crate or a beautifully crafted mini-trailer, you might find yourself unable to resist the appeal of these cute dog houses.

Cute Mini Trailer Houses for Dogs

The concept belongs to Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Design, who wanted all of his designs to be brought to life using environmentally-friendly materials. The line is called simply Pet Trailers and it includes four different designs, but they are all fully customizable as well.

Using recyclable materials like plastic, plywood and aluminum, the designer has once again found a way to enchant us with these cute trailers for dogs. We already were big fans of his imaginative projects, and we are yet to find one dull or uninspired piece of furniture that bears his signature. We guess that will never happen and we love him for that.

Cute Mini Trailer Houses for Dogs by Judson Beaumont

Pet Trailer by Judson Beaumont

Cute Mini Trailer for Dogs

Blue Pet Trailer

Pet Trailers

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