Cute Bentley Blower Ride-On Toy Racecar

Your five-year-old may be a bit too young for real-life car racing, right? But that makes him or her the perfect age for this awesome Bentley toy car inspired by the iconic Bentley Blower. It’s a classy little car made of tulip wood and flawlessly painted with high-gloss green paint for an ultimate vintage racer effect.

Bentley Toy Racecar

The Bentley Blower Ride-On toy racecar is excellent for kids aged 2 to 5 and it will set you back $5,500. The aluminum racing wheels not only look awesome, but they also ensure a smooth driving experience, as well as perfect stability and safety. Steering is effortless and precise, even for the youngest of children. For utmost comfort, the steering wheel and the soft seat are covered in fine leather.

The beautiful little racing car comes with its own custom cover as well as a cool wooden garage. Bentley always offers the full luxury experience to grownups, so why would they compromise when it comes to children?

Bentley Toy Racecar Lateral View

Bentley Blower Ride-On toy

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