Crazy Travels

Crazy Travels

Crazy Travels

Most people are content to spend their lives pursuing and reaching goals modest, but realistic.Aim for a successful career, to a happy love relationship, and why not, even to a nice shaped body.And there are those people who adjusts shooting for targets further away.It is about people which do not simply go,but they do around the world, people who do not swim a pool, but an ocean,people who want it all and not just some.

On foot, around the world

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Everyone has a dream. Some dream of winning the lottery, while others have a large family. For Harry Lee McGinnis, a senior 81 years old, big dream is to walk around the world. Adventure began in 1983, so far covering a distance of 130,000 kilometers through 66 countries. The man planning to go around the Earth, on all seven continents before the age of 83 years in 2010. After that, he plans to sit down to his house and write a book about the experience.

Rally for peace

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It is about the march 30 years of Mildred Norman, another person who went very far. She did not cover as much ground as far McGinnis, but “only” 40,000 miles, and have somewhere around 70 years old when she died. Mildred worked for almost 30 years and this only in the name of peace. Given the number of wars triggered even during her journey, we can say, unfortunately, that initiative has been in vain.

Swimming through the English Channel

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Alison Streeter, called the English Channel Queen, which was advantageous in canal waters when she was only 18 years. A people’s attention when she swam round trip and the entire world after she swimming round-trip-gone, becoming the first woman in the world has ever done this and covering in total swimming distance of 96 kilometers before withdrawing the land. In addition, she swam across the English Channel life, from end to end 43 times. Notably, Kevin Murphy, King Channel, did it by “only” 34 times.

Crossing the Atlantic (approximately) without boat

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The English Channel Queen is impressive, but you need something more than it has to cross an ocean.Benoit Lecomte made ​​fixed this in 1998, becoming the first man in the world to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without the help of a floating plate.The benefit, of course, a boat, the sharks away from the emission of an electromagnetic field, and they rested at night.But since man swimming for at least six hours daily for more than 70 days, deserved a bit from our admiration.However, it seems that the 6,000 kilometers have not exhausted, because they are already making plans to cross and the Pacific Ocean.

 Around the world in a balloon with hot air

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Most people do not even ever climb into a balloon with hot air. And those who do rise from the ground, generally for a short tour and then down, soon.Steve Fossett has not. In 2002, he took off in a balloon with hot air high as ten-storey block to travel alone around the world.Sometimes reaching speeds of almost 300 km / h, man has made a complete flight around the Earth in less than fourteen days.

Escalation of Mount Everest in speed

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Chances are you to be called crazy if you want to climb Everest, the highest peak in the world.It is, however, a challenge that many have chosen to face over the years. A risky venture, which undertake professional climbers tranquil, leisurely and without haste. If this is not Christian Stangl, who holds the record for fastest climbing from third base to the top, made ​​in 16 hours and 42 minutes.



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