Crazy Building in Beijing

One of the wonders of architecture in the world can be seen today in Beijing.National television station based in China’s capital Beijing emblematic building was finally finished, after 10 years of hard work.The works were started 10 years ago by a Dutch architecture firm. But particular design caused many to say that the building will be demolished undoubtedly.Working at the CCTV was held but not under the sign of chance.In 2009, a nearby building caught fire, a firefighter loses his life after CCTV executives organized a fireworks illegally. Fortunately, CCTV headquarters remained intact, but building on the right is evidence of what happened then.CCTV headquarters was built for the amount of 1.08 billion dollars in Beijing.The building is 234 meters high, 44 floors and is considered “construction that defy gravity” because the style in which it was drawn.

Crazy Building in Beijing (8)

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