Corvette-inspired Powerboat for Sale at $1.7 Million

If you ever wanted to combine his passion for Corvette and one for high-speed boats now have the opportunity to be in the action, that if you have $1.7 million. Built by Marine Technology Incorporated, the boat, inspired by the ZR1 is made ​​of carbon fiber and features lighting units of the legendary sports car.

Corvette-inspired Powerboat for Sale at $1.7 Million (4)

There butterfly doors, power sliding rear window and two turbo Mercury Racing, which develops 1369 hp (1007 kW).Cabin has a complete interior Corvette, with a steering wheel, dashboard and gearbox lever, all original. Other points of interest include leather seats, LED lighting and a 8000 watt audio system.On the outside, the boat has many common features with a classic Corvette, and when we say that we refer in particular to stop, the scope and especially the “hood” long, which dominates a specific Chevrolet Corvette emblem.

Regarded as a whole, as the boat can you leave the impression that its owner is Batman or Bruce Wayne.Since the boat is too big for most roads, boat comes with a trailer specially designed for you to move easily.However, it seems that the platform can be towed must be large enough.



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