Corvette-Inspired Pool Table Costs $25,000

If you’re an automobile enthusiast that loves playing pool every now and again, then you will definitely love this 1959 Corvette-inspired pool table that was made in the US. This thing was created with extreme attention to detail so that it may look exactly like the real deal, which is why its base was crafted from an actual Corvette vehicle from 1959.

Corvette-Inspired Pool Table

Even the paintjob is the same as the original, flaunting a sublime Roman Red and Snowcrest White combo that was polished and hand-buffed to perfection. The headlights are fully functional and can be turned on or off with the help of a remote control. The steel rims and whitewall tires also add a touch of authenticity, not to mention the Corvette emblems that can be observed on the hood and deck lid. The pool table placed on top flaunts hardwood rails as well as a 1-inch thick slate surface. With 6 drop-pockets and a series of rebound-cushions, the table meets all standard regulations regarding the sport, and to make things even better, it comes with its own regulation balls and cues.

For just $25,000, you could have this exquisite piece of automotive history in your living room and you could admire it every day while you enjoy a friendly game of pool with close friends.

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