Cool, Simple and Sturdy: The Tern Perch Bicycle Wall Mount

Finding a good storage place for your bicycle is often a very challenging task. You want it to be easily accessible, and you don’t want it to occupy a lot of room – especially if you live in a small flat instead of a huge mansion with a generous garage. And you never want to smash your pinky toe against it on your way to the toilet at night.

The Tern Perch Bicycle Wall Mount

A perfect solution is the ridiculously simple Tern Perch wall mount. It is manufactured out of 5052 aluminum and does not make use of catches, straps and latches. Simple and elegant, it can hold bikes of up to 40 pounds, and it features rubberized grips that very considerately protect the paint while providing a reliable hold. The mount also has special slots for a lock, a helmet and even clothing. It’s a perfectly elegant solution to a very common problem, and we like it.

The Tern Perch Bicycle Wall Mount View

Tern Perch – Bicycle Wall Mount

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