Contemporary Residence in Bangkok: L71 House

Lovely and unique residence!This beauty is called L17 House.The project was designed by studio Office AT.It is located in a beautiful and stunning place ,on the northeastern side of Bangkok,Thailand.It has an original air thanks to the modern and interesting architecture.At the interior you can found a clean design and a generous pool with palm tress.Gorgeous,isn’t it?Well but this is not all.The residence has four bedrooms,dining room,family room which are placed along the site to face the North. Since the owners have occasional parties, the public areas, such as living room and parking, are in the front of the house, and the private areas are in the back of the house along with a swimming pool. 

Contemporary Residence in Bangkok L71 House (23)

The living room mass was extended to create private space for the swimming pool and the second floor mass was extended to create shading for the swimming pool and terrace. The interior design is absolutely gorgeous with bright colors for walls and furniture. You can see the good taste of the owners and the architects.The house benefits by the all natural light.The total costs for building this residence were  13 million Baht, which converts to $420,000

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