Concoon Spa Furniture Takes Home Wellness to New Heights

Who doesn’t want a moment of peace and relaxation?Well,for all lovers of spa Alberto Frias comes with a suprise.It is called the Concoon Spa and with the range of wellness home furniture available on the market, you don’t need a trip to the spa to unwind.

Concoon Spa Furniture Takes Home Wellness to New Heights (7)

The Concoon Spa is product by a German company named Wasserbetten.The new wellness was designed and developed by ITW,and it represent a new concept in the spa furniture.The feeling inside is unique and can probably be best called “float” as.

The German company has collaborated with the design studio Liebmann, who are specialists in organic design for Concoon’s innovative design. “The interaction of weightless chairs, soothing sound and light makes the therapeutic concoon so extraordinary.

The spa is available in white color ,but we have the oportunity to customize the outer shell and your mattress as per individual needs.The price tag is $10k of Transport pod, this should range from $4k to $10k.

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