Complex Residence in India

This house suffered many changes and the final result is amazing.The residence was residegned by Rajiv Saini & Associates and it is located in Hyderabad, India.

Complex Residence in India (32)

Even if they wanted initially to keep most of the original elements intact ,the residence has also  a luxury,modern air.A interesting and stunning, exterior and interior design characterize this lovely house.Spacious,large windows which  allows to enter all the nature light,bright and warm shades used for interior design ,a lovely pool are some of the beauties of the house.

Here are just some of the transformations mentioned by the project developers: “Additional rooms got cantilevered over existing structure ( for example the copper clad gym overlooking the front garden is a newly added cantilevered steel structure,as are the guest rooms and the steel and glass study attached to the master suite ) , redundant spaces got axed / demolished, new spaces were created wherever possible ( the new dining room was created by enclosing a part of the rear garden ) ,the grand spiral marble staircase fell a victim to the reorganizing,replaced instead by a sleek metal and stone one, in a different part of the house.  The 10′ diameter hole left in the sloping slab as a result of this got transformed into a skylight, and the roof got sheathed in a layer of black slate!“

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