Comfy and Luxurious Dublin Street House in New Zealand

The fantastic Dublin Street House can be found in Queenstown, New Zealand, and it was designed by a local firm named Kerr Ritchie. With its elegant and comfortable accommodations and splendid views of the nearby lake, this unique abode has all the necessary features of a dream house.

Dublin Street House 9
Dublin Street House 8

Dublin Street House

Due to its convenient elevated location, the Dublin Street House was equipped with generous windows that provide spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes while inviting an abundant amount of natural light within. Moreover, natural furnishings and modern yet subtle décor elements give off a sense of comfort and warmth, while state-of-the-art appliances and conveniences ensure a carefree and lavish lifestyle. The house was built on 2 levels, with the grown floor housing the living and lounging areas as well as the kitchen while the upper level includes private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Dublin Street House 5

Dublin Street House

See it all for yourself in the following image gallery!

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