Color Blocking-The Hottest Trend in Fashion

How would like that your wardrobe to be a canvas upon which to begin to mix the funny colors? Complementary colors, unusual combinations, bright colors and a mix effect.

Color Blocking-The Hottest Trend in Fashion (13)

Behold, the designers have made ​​a real passion for this type of association. The rule is simple! Wear two complementary colors and no more than four in one outfit. You have a free hand to combinations of purple and green, orange and red, blue and turquoise!The advantage is also to be correct and your certain physical defects in the way you possess color.

Also, another advantage of this trend is that you can easily work with you in wardrobe. No need for major investments, but only a little creativity.If you do not have the courage to wear so many vibrant shades you can go off and close the tone. For example, an outfit perfect for a desk top can made ​​of a fluid in a pale pink with the midi skirt fuchsia.Add a belt or orange and purple and you have created a moderate look, but trendy.

Orange and purple

One of the most standardized color combinations of both magazines and celebrity wardrobe is a powerful combination of colors by joining so unexpected. You can easily realize that combining an orange top can match a skirt or a pair of purple pants. You can go on much darker shades of these colors to mitigate the visual effect.

Green and blue

Do not avoid wearing these two colors together. Arrangement of colored blocks you can put your worth a certain part of your body, why not to hide small imperfections. If you have wide hips you can create an optical effect decrease their green top with a raw enough attention to upper body. At the bottom, choose a simple pair of blue pants.

Yellow and turquoise

A solar combination will entertain you. Wear a pencil skirt with a top fluid in a vivid shade of turquoise. Both shoes and bag is good to remain nude.



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