Collection Mango Fall / Winter 2011-2012

Mango collection for the season autumn / winter 2011-2012 meets specific elements with the appropriate day series against women in a tribute to their spirit and French je m’en Fiche addictive.In particular it aims to create a contrast between female and male, in the context of versatile combinations that can be worn both during the day and after dusk.Mango collection for autumn / winter 2011-2012 was launched in the middle of this year, production of the show being made Betak Alex.

Collection Mango (21)

Benefiting from the participation of famous models like Isabeli Fontana, the new brand image, Aymeline Valad, Ginta Lapin, Kasia Struss, Mirta Maas, Patricia van der Vliet, Anna Seleznev, Valentina Zeliaeva or Valerij Kelava presentation was an absolute success.

Mango models proposed for winter clothing versatile, sensual, with a convincing message, as clearly as white on black mostly – is a subtle elegance shift from the dominant male female innocence.

Cloth suits with pants, evening dresses, tweed jackets and skirts are all part of the whole delicate ready to be worn by women in life that there is no time to lose.Just to suggest a benefit held 2 in 1, Collection Mango fall / winter 2011-2012 men’s portfolio office suits, which are contrasting adds femininity through transparent, lace, sequins or crystals Swarovsky, shiny items or casual elements (wool or denim).

With dark, shiny items such delicate details are highlighted by a mix of classic-casual, which gives uplifting charisma and a sense of artistic freedom.Mango collection for the season autumn / winter air was given a romantic, passionate easy, thanks to occasional insertion of transparent materials, sometimes bright colors, lace or leather.

Used is limited to animal prints and a print classic approach polka dots print.If the idea looks “woman power” overwhelms you, Mango proposes a line “street wear”, in which recovery must follow the trends the rest of the season.Skinny jeans, silk blouses, wool sweaters XXL, fake fur jackets, wide-brimmed hats in the style of ’70s and numerous accessories that complete the look Mango will certainly have a place of honor in the fall wardrobe.



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