Clic Gold Designs World’s Most Expensive Eyeglasses for $75k

Another beautiful jewelry make from gold makes its appearance.This time is about a pair of glasses,more exactly the most expensive glasses in the world.Called Clicl Gold 24-carat gold eyeglasses and there are a modern and unique way to be different .

Clic Gold Designs World’s Most Expensive Eyeglasses for $75k (2)

They were created by renowned jewelry designer/co-inventor, Hugh Power and there have a magnetic front connection system and were made by master-craftsmen.50 hours were of work were required . The other details include, 18K gold extendable sidepieces and an 18K gold expandable back.Each piece is handmade and hand crafted in the USA. You must to wait 6 to 8 weeks for these unique and expensive glasses.Only 300 pairs will be sell ,and you must to hurry if you want they very much.The price for these lovely reading glasses is of $75,000.



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