Clearpoint Tower – World’s Tallest Residential Garden

Even though it may look like a mere “concept” now, the Clearpoint Tower has a very high chance to become a reality by 2015. Sketched out by 2 companies called Mäga Engineering and Milroy Perera Associates, this remarkable residential complex would be a perfect example of sustainability and natural beauty that would comprise a total of 164 apartments as well as 46 floors.

Clearpoint Tower 7

The project would be constructed in the center of Columbo – one of the largest cities in Sri Lanka, and it would boast a series of planted viewing terraces that would be kept alive with the help of a series of “inbuilt self-sustaining watering systems”. What this means is that the building could be designed to collect waste water from the apartments and filter it accordingly so that it may feed the plants. Other sustainable solutions would include passive cooling as well as solar panels that have the potential to ensure much needed energy for the building’s public spaces.

Furthermore, the plants themselves would provide an adequate amount of shade and air humidity, and since they would be so close to the residences themselves, they would help shape a direct bond between nature and man right in the middle of a busy city such as Columbo.

Clearpoint Tower 2

Clearpoint Tower 3

Clearpoint Tower 4

Clearpoint Tower 5

Clearpoint Tower 6

Clearpoint Tower 1

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