Citroen & Gio-Goi Limited Edition Shoes

Two brand an amazing result. Citroën and the winning brand Gio-Goi  joined togheter  in a stunning collaboration.The line of shoes is a limited edition shoe based on Citroën’s DS3 Racing.The DS3 Racing by Gio-Goi were inspired from the car’s high  quality materials such as the sculpted 18” alloy wheels and sporty orange grille.At the interior the car has soft leather lining, foam padded tongue and flexible rubberised sole.

Citroen & Gio-Goi Limited Edition Shoes (7)

The exterior design of shoes is similar to the car.If do you like this Citroen DS3 purchasing a pair of these sneakers is a no brainer.Only 100 pair of shoes has the collection  and will be available for a price of $190 a pop.

Adam Ward, Footwear Designer for Gio-Goi said; “It’s the perfect partnership – both Gio-Goi and Citroën DS3 Racing are synonymous with the fast pace of urban life. The car’s unique lines, with the striking flashes of colour, hi-tech details and luxury comfort, have inspired me to create this stand-out premium shoe design.”

Mark Lloyd, Chief Designer of Citroën’s International Projects, said; “Citroën DS3 Racing was built for performance, style and exclusivity. Gio-Goi has added its signature creativity to produce a perfect compliment to the model with this great footwear design.”




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