“Christmas in Red” Anniversary Collection by Baccarat

It’s sometimes difficult to part with last year’s Christmas decorations, but Baccarat is making the transition much easier with its anniversary collection of glass items called “Christmas in Red”. The occasion? Besides the fact that the holiday season is almost here, the French manufacturer of luxury crystal glassware items is also celebrating its 250th anniversary.

“Christmas in Red” Anniversary Collection by Baccarat

Choosing red as the dominant (and perfect) color for the collection, Baccarat is inviting us all to enjoy Christmas in a classy and sophisticated ambiance. The alluring shade is obtained by mixing clear crystal with 24k gold power.

You can bring glamour to your home on the holidays with pieces like the Eye vase and candle holder by Nicolas Triboulot, the 24-light Zenith chandelier, the Héritage sun clock, the Héritage panther sculpture by Georges Chevalier, the Papillion crystal mirror, and the limited edition Harcourt Our Fire candlestick by Philippe Stark.

Christmas in Red Collection by Baccarat Chandelier Christmas in Red Collection by Baccarat Vase

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