Choosing the Right Hair Color for Brown Eyes and Pale Skin

Knowing whether your skin has cold or warm undertones is very important when choosing the kind of red lipstick you should rock but also when you want to pick the perfect color for your hair if you have brown eyes and pale skin.

Choosing the Right Hair Color for Brown Eyes and Pale Skin (2)

The easiest way to determine what undertones your skin has is to take a look at the veins on your wrist. A warm tone is indicated by a greenish hue, whereas a blue hue indicates a cold tone. After you got that figured out, all you have to do is learn some useful tips and tricks.

Choosing the Right Hair Color Based on Complexion

A very light skin tone will always go better with a softer color, a color that will not accentuate the pale skin. For instance, flaxen, champagne and platinum blond compliment a colder skin tone and warmer colors compliment warmer complexions.

Choosing the Right Hair Color Based on Eye Color

A medium brown with lighter, or even blonde, highlights will make you look fabulous if your eyes have a golden hue. If your eyes are a darker shade of brown, the best hair dye colors you can opt for are natural ones that resemble the color of your hair. Of course, cooler colors are not out of the question, but are a little trickier to match. Use lowlights if you decide to go for a color with two tones.

The Right Hair Colors for Brown Eyes and Fair Complexion

Go for a very light color if your natural hair is light brown or lighter, preferably if your complexion has warm undertones. This will make for a great look. Depending on the style you want to sport, there are many alternatives, including very dark colors and even reddish colors. However, you should keep in mind that if you want a radical change, you should probably ask for a professional opinion in order for the results to be as amazing as possible.

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