The Chilean Beach Pavilion House by WMR Arquitectos

Located in Chile and boasting breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, this simple pavilion-style house is the work of WMR Arquitectos. It is called The Chilean Beach Pavilion House and it is set on a dramatic cliff overlooking the water.

Chilean Beach Pavilion House Exterior Design

The project itself is truly impressive and the location is brilliant, but the house is actually quite modest in size, having only two bedrooms and a large living area with an open kitchen. It was built for a German-Chilean couple for their weekend escapes and family holidays. It was given generously open spaces with beautiful indoor and outdoor areas and views to the North, South and West.

The entrance is situated at a higher level than the rest of the house, which helps hide the building into the scenery and also provides easy access to the rooftop deck for even better, unrestricted views. With large floor-to-ceiling windows everywhere, the weekend residence gives a sense of openness, space and freedom that is very appropriate for a vacation home.

Chilean Beach Pavilion House Garden

Chilean Beach Pavilion House Kitchen

Chilean Beach Pavilion House Panoramic View

Chilean Beach Pavilion House View

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