Chanel Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

As always, Karl Lagerfeld emphasized elegance and refinement that consecrates brand.Karl Lagerfeld brings in the foreground classic outfit, but kept lush accents of the Chanel house .”I started to sketch the pieces in St. Tropez summer and was so hot that I wanted some fresh air, “said German designer at the end of the show.

Chanel Spring / Summer 2013 Collection (3)

Like shades in this collection have dominated the dark shades.Grays and black prevailed during the show, range of colors began to take vitality through bright colors.Shades of mustard, red, purple or green added  extra light clothing.The collection includes giant accessories , whether it’s bags, sun hats or fake pearls in the form of necklaces and bracelets.Attractions of evening were cocktail dresses made of transparent material.Tweed jackets were also present as otherwise deux-pieces costumes.Lagerfeld proposes tailored collar or the neck, designed to emphasize colorful necklaces or scarves.

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