Chanel Paris-Bambay, a Collection that You Should Not Miss

Are you curious how looks India in the eyes of Karl Lagerfeld?Well ,Karl Lagerfeld invited the fashion world for a new great collection.The famous designer has managed to translate Indian style in the most extravagant outfits. Karl Lagerfeld is a genius, no doubt. Each pre-fall collection creation in 2012 is a work of art and Indian-inspired accessories are absolutely wonderful.”Coco loved Indian jewelry,” said Karl after the presentation. The show took place in the Grand Palais in Paris, while models paraded among some long tables, laden with fruit, flowers, chandeliers and candles.

Chanel Paris-Bambay, a Collection that You Should Not Miss (10)

It’s all about refinement. The Parisian version of India,” said Karl Lagerfeld, who, although was not in India’s vision was attracted by Coco Chanel from 50-60 years of Indian clothes:”She’s created several inspirational Indian outfit and that was enough for me. I was inspired more by men than the feminine clothes. Are easier to wear,” said Lagerfeld .

Among the guests there were Cat Power (stage name of singer and songwriter Charlyn Marshall), Freida Pinto, Anna Mouglalis (who played Coco Chanel her very Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky in), French actress Virginie Ledoyen and actress Astrid Berges Frisbey, known for her role in “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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