“Cenote” -The Gateway to the Kingdom of the Dead

Cenote cave formations, are formed by dissolution of rocks and formation of underground caves. As erosion continues, the ceiling of the cave are destroyed wells gradually giving rise to a huge, often circular with a diameter of several tens of meters and considerable depths.

"Cenote" -The Gateway to the Kingdom of the Dead (3)

In those days, when the Middle Ages in Europe was in the jungles of North America, the territory of modern Mexico and Guatemala has been a highly developed civilization Maya. This nation, possessing profound mathematical knowledge, created the starry sky maps, and built some magnificent cities.

“Cenote” Maya called wells and natural lakes, which they considered to be the gateway into the kingdom of the dead. Their water was reputed to be sacred, sacrifice were made here. Water is 30-40 feet below ground level and still has about 50 meters deep. It’s a special feeling knowing that you have to swim under you a gap of 50 feet … water is filtered through many layers of earth, sand, gravel, limestone, is very clear although the relatively closed space looks pretty grim.



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