Celebrity Perfumes Sell Well! Beyonce is the First Place!

It’s fashionable to launch your own perfume .It seems that celebrities have put one line of perfumes. And business goes good. Celebrity perfumes sell best. The first product is out of Beyonce. Perfume “Heat” which said she that with her perfume wants women to seduce men ,beat out two brands of David Beckham – Intimately Yours and Homme. Instead David beat her up for sale on Victoria Beckham. However money is left in the family.

Celebrity Perfumes Sell Well! Beyonce is the First Place! (1)

The perfume of the stars led to an increase of almost 40 percent in sales in this area in recent years and are among the most requested and those of Mariah Carey, Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue.

Here are all stars with most sales

1. Heat, Beyoncé;

2. Butterflies, Coleen Rooney;

3. Homme, David Beckham;

4. Lollipop Bling, Mariah Carey;

5. Intimately Yours, David Beckham;

6. Pink Sparkle, Kylie Minogue;

7. Darling, Beyoncé;

8. Lilabelle, Kate Moss;

9. Radiance, Britney Spears;

10. Signature, Victoria Beckham.

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