Catherham Launches the Brand New Supersport R

The resounding success of the Caterham Supersport determined the automaker to dream bigger and create an even more exciting supercar called the Supersport R. “The Supersport’s formula has struck a chord with driving enthusiasts and we are confident that, by extending the range to include an R model, we will be able to build on the original’s success”, said the company’s CEO Graham McDonald.

Catherham Launches the Brand New Supersport R (3)

So what does the R version bring to the table? More power, extremely low weight, extra speed, and an easily recognizable Caterham design. It features new track-worthy suspensions with race springs and sports dampers, Avon CR500 tires, limited slip differential, gear shift indicator, top-notch steering wheel, and composite race seats with 4-point harnesses.

Powering the R is a 2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine that can put out 180 hp and 143 lb-ft of torque, which represents an improvement of 40 hp and 23 lb-ft of torque in the muscle department. With the car weighing only 1,179 pounds, the speed can only be impressive: a maximum speed of 130 mph, and a 0-62 mph of 4.8 seconds. This remarkable performance is achieved with help from a 5-speed manual transmission.

If you want the Supersport R in your garage, you can either go for the R kit and spend £24,995 on your purchase, or you can choose the fully built version, which will set you back £27,995. This means roughly $40,000 and $44,800, respectively.


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