Castle of Pouance in France – Medieval Magnificence

The history of France is dotted with war and struggle, and consequently, this amazing country boasts an endless number of castles and forts. The Pouance Castle can be found within the commune of Pouance, Maine-et-Loire, France, and it was constructed in very close proximity to the border of the former province of Anjou.

Castle of Pouance in France 1

The castle was built on an already fortified location between the 12th and 15th centuries, and it definitely seen its share of battle during the major conflict known as the Hundred Years War. The 16th century spelled ruin for this medieval landmark, and it became completely abandoned during the 18th century. In fact, had it not been for a concerned Pouance citizen by the name of Louis Bessière, the Pouance Castle would probably not exist today, but Louis decided to rescue it from its fate during the 1960s. Massive in scale, the castle currently occupies a total surface of 7.4 acres (walls included), and due to its incredible history, it became a National Heritage Site of France in 1926.

Castle of Pouance in France 3

Castle of Pouance in France

Since the Hundred Years War was a time of great conflict, it makes sense that the castle would have received substantial additions and extra fortifications. Be that as it may, the fort was still captured in 1379 by the forces of John V, Duke of Brittany (possibly through treachery), who eventually gave it back to Olivier du Guesclin in 1381. The castle was also besieged by John VI, Duke of Brittany in 1432, who ended up bombarding it with cannons for 5 weeks before his nephew, Jean II, finally decided to begin negotiations. This proves that the Pouance Castle was a formidable line of defense during its glory days, even though it doesn’t look like it during our modern times.

Castle of Pouance in France 2

Castle of Pouance in France

Visiting Pouance Castle is a lesson in history, and it definitely allows its visitors to catch a glimpse of France’s past. If you find yourself in Western France and you would like to visit some of its rural communities, then Pouance and its medieval castle are definitely worth a closer look.

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