Cartier’s Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection

The Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection by Cartier comprises magnificent jewelry pieces and cocktail rings, all inspired in their design by the city of Paris and by the Parisian woman. The collection honors seven aspects that concern the personality of the Parisian woman: Delicate, Glamorous, Sparking, Emancipated, Impish, Mischievous and Voluptuous.

Cartier's Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection (6)

The collection’s name translates as “New Wave”, referring to a particular cinema movement that was quite popular during the 1950s. This movement opposed mainstream rules and eventually became a way of life, influencing an entire generation’s attitude towards creativity and freedom.

The press release reads that this is “A collection designed as a hymn to her multiple nuances and hues, her secrets of seduction and style”. Take a look at the following pictures and admire these exquisite creations for yourself!

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