Caribbean Wish Trip: Villa Adagio in St. John

Situated just above Great Cruz Bay on the island of St. John, Villa Adagio is one of the most accessible and affordable luxury villas on the island… and also one of the most striking. Featuring a beautiful indoor pool (complete with skylights for more natural light), this villa keeps every consideration in mind for its guests. Each of the three bedroom suites opens up to a screened porch overlooking the sailboats in the bay below, while the lush tropical colors in the garden and the villa itself give Villa Adagio an intimate, natural feel. Of course, that’s only the beginning.

View of Villa Adagio, a luxury villa in St. Johns, Caribbean

While many luxury villas are converted from homes some time after they were built, hence locations within neighborhoods and scenic areas, Villa Adagio has recently been rebuilt as an utterly unique destination, combining the best aspects of both place and features to create the best possible experience. The solar-heated main pool provides a comfortable, energy-efficient aquatic experience, while the outdoor hot tub on the sundeck allows for soaking up some rays or enjoying the beautiful night sky as the fancy strikes you. If the heat’s getting to you, though, air conditioning is available within the villa to take care of all of your problems. Grocery stocking and a personal chef are both available on request for this Caribbean villa, helping make meals a whole lot easier as well.

In terms of rental, Villa Adagio is slightly on the unusual side; during some parts of the year, the villa has the option of renting just one room (perfect for a couple’s retreat) or all three… but not just two bedrooms. However, at other times of the year, it is entirely possible to rent two bedrooms. However, with a price difference of as little as $55 for the two extra bedrooms during some parts of the year, Villa Adagio actually has one of the most affordable rates for additional rooms to be found. If that weren’t nice enough, LaCure Villas is offering 20% off from November 1 to November 30, 2011, making this already-affordable villa even more within reach. If you’re looking for a low-cost, yet luxurious Caribbean vacation, and you like what villas have to offer, Villa Adagio may just be the very best location you can find.

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