Capella Pedregal – A stunningly Beautiful Luxury Resort

If you traverse a 100 feet long mountain tunnel illuminated by torches in Cabo San Lucas (Cape Saint Luke) in Mexico, you might be surprised at what you will find at the end of it. The beauty of a rocky mountainside combined with an exotic waterfront is the view that the luxury resort Capella Pedregal has to offer in its 24 acres of property.


With a total number of 66 rooms and suites, the luxury resort’s accommodations vary from the largest suite – the Presidential Suite – with 3 bedrooms and a stunning 4,166 square feet of space to smaller suites of 820 square feet.

Capella Pedregal is an enjoyable vacation choice for different people. The guests looking for relaxation and spiritual harmony will find that a visit to the Auriga Spa is going to work miracles. The resort also features a fitness and gym center for those who are looking forward to spending time in a more active manner and whale watching cruises as well as parasailing for the more adventurous ones.

Undoubtedly, Capella Pedregal will provide hard to forget experiences for all its visitors with its features, services and accommodations.


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