Calvin Klein’s New York City Penthouse on Sale for $35 Million

Situated in a beautiful city , having a prime position overlooking Central Park in New York and owned by the world-famous fashion mogul Calvin Klein ,this luxury duplex penthouse is a real jewelry. Even if sounds strange,this  apartment was owned by fashion mogul twice ,once in the 80’s and the a second time in the 90′s,  when he tore down all the interior walls to create a larger, open living space. House of 1524 meters has 12 rooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, plus a terrace of 610 meters, appeared in famous movies like Superman or Ghostbusters and lies on floors 19 and 20.

Calvin Klein’s New York City Penthouse on Sale for $35 Million (5)

Another added plus is the view over Central Park and Manhattan. The master bedroom has a fireplace and access to the terrace, spacious rooms linking each other. The building has had many improvements over time, and the famous designer has invested more than $ 5 million in renovations.The duplec apartment has a price of $35 million!

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