Buy Yourself Kings Island in Denmark for almost $10 Million

What can you buy with $10 million (precisely $9,500,000)?Well if you don’t know we tell you.You can but an island,its own island , the Kings Island in Denmark. Commissioned by Danish King Christian IX in 1890.This island has 180,000 square feet and is is the the world’s largest artificial island.It is located between Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmö.It is know as Middelgrundsfortet, Kings Island.With 200 rooms ,it has a perfect size and structure.Can be also a location which can to be utilized for conferences, seminars or team-building exercises.

Buy Yourself Kings Island in Denmark for almost $10 Million (6)

Kings  Island was owned privately,for nearly a decade and has been given a hotel as well as a conference facility.The hotel has 4 rooms and 88 beds and it is very unique. The property also has a restaurant, a nightclub, and a bar and billiard lounge.



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