Bulgari Serpenti Haute Joaillerie

Begin to appear increasingly more mechanisms incorporated into jewelry.Bulgari is among the brands trying to add more elegance of a watch.Usually this fashion is prevalent among companies that are not only watches. The Haute Joaillerie Serpenti bracelets is an unnatural, something had to be new, original.

Bulgari Serpenti Haute Joaillerie (3)

Snake is a symbolic brand and is used in the creations since 1940.Now, for the launch of this watch, Bulgari has created three color models. All are decorated with precious stones, from 763-1009, depending on the version.Each model has its colors: one is a combination of pink gold, diamond, amethyst and sapphire, the second is made of white gold, has diamonds, emeralds and amethyst, and the last, special variant of this set is made of white gold and has diamonds and emeralds.The first model has a total of 244 diamonds, arranged on the dial, case and bracelet, sapphire 288 and 261 amethyst crystals. In the second model we find 290 diamonds, emeralds 221 and 250 amethyst crystals.The last model includes 585 422 emeralds diamonds.

As expected, the dial is hidden somewhere inside the snake, specifically in the head. It opens revealing a small dial as elegant as the outside. Depending on the option chosen, the dial will be decorated with stones representative. Quartz clock mechanism is simply and only indicates hours and minutes.There are three interesting patterns, which certainly like to wish every lady who wants to impress.




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