BUGATTI Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport 2011 Dubai International Motor Show Editions

While the coupe version of the series was sold Bugatti Veyron, VW Group, Bugatti owner, is still for sale open-top Grand Sport model.In fact, Bugatti says of the 150 units planned for production, were sold only 45 Grand Sport to date, which means that there are 105 cars available.For those who prefer design Bugatti, Molsheim producer brought three copies of the Grand Sport at the Dubai International Motor Show.

BUGATTI Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport – 2011 Dubai International Motor Show Editions (10)

The first Grand Sport has a bright yellow body with black bottom of the car, including wheels. The same colors are used in the interior, leather seats are made ​​in yellow with black stitching. This copy is priced at 1.58 million euros.

Next Grand Sport has a blue body with black, framed in brushed aluminum, which also appears on the wheels and grille. The interior is orange leather and steering wheel and console, door panels and dashboard are covered in leather or dark blue indigo blue carbon fiber. Those interested will have to pay 1.74 million euros for this car.

The third Grand Sport Custom presented to Dubai has a carbon fiber body green and brushed aluminum. Inside, the special edition gets a combination of colors, dark green with light green and silver. The price of this model is 1.74 million euros.




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