Bruno Mars in GQ April 2011

Located in topping the charts ,the artist 25 years old, Bruno Mars appears on the cover GQ in April 2011.

Bruno Mars in GQ April 2011 (3)

In just a few months, Bruno Mars, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, managed to score triple-platinum sales, landed seven Grammy nominations and won the award for best male pop vocal performance. Speaking about this period, he told GQ that, “The last few months. It’s been a rocket…to Mars!”

Bruno has had in recent years a drug problem and he told GQ “I’m not gonna preach that I’m a role model,” he says. “I’m a – musician! But I’ve learned people are watching, so don’t do nothing stupid.” “My jump shot sucks,” he added.

Bruno was caught by police after a janitor complained that it was taking drugs, hidden in a toilet in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Police, who came to the scene, he found that he was in possession of cocaine.

Bruno admits he is a big fan of Elvis. “I watch the best. I’m a big fan of Elvis. I’m a big fan of 1950s Elvis when he would go on stage and scare people because he was a force and girls would go nuts! You can say the same thing for Prince or The Police. It’s just guys who know that people are here to see a show, so I watch those guys and I love studying them because I’m a fan.”

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