Britney Spears Spotted in London Promoting Her New Single

Britney Spears sure looks like she’s taking her career seriously as of late, since she’s been quite busy collaborating with different artists and releasing new songs. As part of her promotional campaign for her new single “Work B***h!”, the famous pop star touched down in London for the first time in 2 years. In order to mark the occasion, Britney tweeted on her page “landed in the UK and in my hotel :) I’ve missed u London xo”, and we have every reason to believe that her trip will prove to be a great success, especially since her duet with Miley Cyrus landed at no.1 on the British charts.

Britney Spears (4)

The star also revealed that she is working on her new album, tweeting “This next record is going to be the most personal record I’ve EVER made….which means that I need my #BArmy to be a part of it!!”. In any case, Britney has a long road ahead of her if she plans to take her new single to the British top 10, especially since the music video has already been criticized by some TV networks, which only agreed to play it after 10pm.

In other news, the singer is scheduled to move to Las Vegas for the next two years starting December 29, where she will be working on a new show called Britney: Piece of Me.

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